April 2, 2013

OverRUN with Candy & Swim 2013

Oh...the irony.  Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter holiday.  Of course, we still have Halloween & Christmas candy leftover, now we are inundated with Easter candy.  Right before swim season. Awesome.

We took it easy with the candy this year, opting for outdoor toys & games, cash/coin and Six Flags season passes.  My husbands Aunt put a tube of toothpaste in the boys baskets at her house...too funny!

This was our only photo from Easter.  It was rainy, cool and damp, but I was hellbent on wearing a dress and sandals.  The dress by Banana Republic is so comfortable and can be found here, for 30% off.  My favorite, most versatile sandals {on my second pair in as many years} can be found here, often with a promo code for a percentage off.

Continuing on a shopping note....

Swim 2013.  Admittedly, I still am struggling with baby weight, 3 years later.  It's my own fault, I eat well and am constantly on the go, but I need to get back in to the gym.  Last year I purchased one cute, but sturdy, bathing suit.  The sturdy suit would be worn out in public i.e. parties, swim parks, beach.  Around our pool I'd be in a hot mess of a pre-preg bikini. Here are a few I've picked for this upcoming season that will be worn home & away

J.Crew's Banded Hem Halter Top & Scalloped Swim Skirt

Also, J.Crew.  Tulle Underwire Top & Tulle Retro Hipster

LaBlanca Skirted Hipster & Coiled Bandaeu Top available at Saks

Marc Jacobs Blouson Tankini Top.  Available at Nordstrom. I didn't purchase the bottoms with this one...for $67, I can get a ton of navy bottoms anywhere else.  But I love this top....fun print, colors and trim and will hide a little tummy jiggle.

The JC banded hem bikini top is seriously amazing.  It's the most comfortable, supportive and flattering of them all (VS has a version very similar, but the girls peek out the sides, and that's never good), worth the extra $$$ and sales and promo codes can help.

As far as coverups go, I loaded up at Old Navy on tube top maxi/mini dresses and rompers.  $15 and $19.94 and right now save 15% with the code: ONSAVENOW.  SHOP EARLY >>> They tend to sell out of colors and sizes quickly.

How about you...have you started your summer shopping? Would love to hear what ya'll are planning for Summer '13...lord knows we've waited long enough for it to get here!

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