March 14, 2013

Lordy, Lordy am I really 40?

No...because the cake says 29.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I was spoiled rotten by my family ~ I am so blessed!

Presented to me in the box below was my late mother-in-laws emerald earrings; reset in white gold and with screwbacks, as I was afraid to wear them til' now.  It's such a beautiful, sentimental gift.

A weekend at the Logan Inn in New Hope, PA.  Established in 1727.

I am so excited for a little getaway...

Hopefully we will be staying in Haunted Room 6.  Substantial haunting claims.

I say this like I am excited now...but if something really were to show itself, I'd be running out of there in nothing but my robe!

And one of these...

Along with a plethora of gift cards, cook books, shoes, handmade gifts and a mail box.  Yes, a new mailbox was #2 on my birthday list.

I really want to thank my family, friends and coworkers for making it a special day and softening the blow for me.  I am really one of "those" types...I already backed my birthday up by a year on Facebook.

Can't wait to blog about my paranormal adventure in April!

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