March 15, 2013

Feeling Nostalgic...

For my old house, former town, for my cat, simpler times...

It was primitive, but it was bright and all mine. 

Paint & cheap linoleum.  It's what you do when you have no budget. Sweet & mismatched.

Still my favorite color ever...Eddie Bauer Bungalow Gold.

The house was originally a summer-only beach bungalow.  Small, misshapen rooms, but it was charming and sweet.

My sweet girl Maggie...she loved the Ocean Gate house too...

The mudroom.  That beadboard was no nonsense, you can't replicate that original stuff.

I tried. In the bathroom.  Even finding vinyl wainscoting for the shower & bath enclosure.  It was a beautiful bathroom, wish I had gotten better photos.  The room I miss the most; the first one I ever did myself from top to bottom.

My porch.  Heaven on a breezy Saturday afternoon with a good book and a cocktail after getting a salty burn at the beach.

Property just small enough for this girl to perfect it.  I got compliments often on my yard and I busted my a** to keep it up.

Rental cottage in the rear of the property

Our beach.  This was our view around the corner every day.

I think I do one of these nostalgia posts once a year.  Can't help it, I just get sad for simpler times.  I love my life now, but I look back and appreciate the peace, solitude and physical accomplishment that drove me; that I don't seem to get enough of lately.  

March has been, and will continue to be, a whirlwind; we literally have no free weekends or evenings for that matter, but I'm hoping that in April I can delve into some projects that will restore the sense of accomplishment to me.

Wishing you all a productive weekend!

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