March 22, 2013

Friday Funny{s}

It was "Happy Write a Thank You Note Day" this past Wednesday.  I had actually written one on Monday to a party hostess from the weekend before and included a couple of recipe cards for my homemade Irish Cream.  Handwritten cards & thank you's are so rare these days.  The younger (than me) generation doesn't seem to embrace it.  I get my boys to do thank-you's after birthday presents are received..although we dropped the ball this past year...due to the Stinkin' storm (Sandy).  

So I was perusing stationery sites and happened upon The Blue Barnhouse Store.  Don't let the quaint name deceive you...a lot of their stock is naughty & fresh, but some things had me chuckling.


Why is this so funny...damn sandwich...

True that!

 My favorite...I actually may order a couple of these. Southern Living's Facebook page used this image to promote the day.

 I need to staple this one to forehead every time I go to a certain Target.

I do believe I've thought this once or twice...
Every. Single. Night.

Check out Blue Barnhouse here:  
FYI: Not for little ones eyes!!

So, I was thinking that maybe the younger set wouldn't mind sending a note via snail mail once in awhile if they were as cheeky as these?

Have a fabulous weekend ~ Thanks for visiting!

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