January 13, 2012

Sorbet Punch

Hope you all are having a great 2012!  Ours has been busy, crazy, chaotic and I've yet to tackle any of my January projects.  Shocker.  Stupid job getting in the way and Brennan is receiving "rave" reviews in his role of Terrible Two.  Hopefully this weekend (a 3-dayer!) will provide some catch up time.  

Recently our 7-yo has been put on a milk-free and nut-free diet to address some GI and skin ailments.  I'm hosting a play date tomorrow night and to steer the emphasis away from baked & chocolate treats, I will be making Pop-your-own Corn and Sorbet Punch.  

I am also taking on suggestions for any suggestions for this new realm of feeding.  We've purchased rice cheeses and almond milk and coconut milk ice cream....but to be honest our heads are spinning!

So I leave you on this TGIF with a few fun images from Pinterest.  Thanks for visiting xoxo Traci

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