January 23, 2012

Chalkboard Paint

 I'm a lil' late on my 2012 projects.  My real life job has been busier that ever and home has been hectic.  Thank goodness we are experiencing our warmest winter in awhile, so at least no major snowstorms.  Then I would be really overwhelmed.
 One of my top projects was painting a wall in the boys playroom with chalkboard paint.  While researching, I found that you can either buy...
 The good stuff...
 or make your own.  Decisions, decisions?  The Hudson paint comes in fun colors and would be a smooth finish for about $24.99 for the size wall I am painting.  Make-it-yourself is cheaper, comes in any color I concoct and will be a grittier finish (which I kinda dig...!)

Maybe I should start small and experiment?

And speaking of snow...this was an Instagram I captured on Saturday morning before it all melted away.  A quick, low accumulation, melts fast storm is the best kind!

Hopefully I will be updating here with the chalkboard wall results next week!

Thanks for visiting! xoxo Traci

all pics, except the snowfall, courtesy of Pinterest

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