December 17, 2010

Product Endorsement & a tip!

I like to use this blog for sharing bits & pieces of our home and home *stuff* I love, but I need to give props to a beauty product that is working overtime for me this holiday season.

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream is AWESOME!!! At first I wasn't impressed...ok, it was a great base for makeup, but as time wore on I did notice a tightening of my lids especially...With the lack of sleep, hydration and some stress this holiday season, I need all the help I can get!

MAC's description of their product: The super-charged, caffeinated cream with instant effects. De-puffs, erases the look of dark circles, firms, soothes and softens skin around the eye. Special optics act like magic to fade away lines.

It can be used sparingly and for $30, is one of the more reasonably priced creams that I've seen on the market.

**ADDED BONUS**: If you spend $50 @ MAC Cosmetics, you can get your makeup done for free. I wait to stock up until I have a wedding or event, and by spending $30 on this product, $11 on fake lashes and a tin of shadow or a lip gloss~you are good to go! Just don't forget to give a little tip to your makeup artist! Enjoy!!

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