November 22, 2010

Hello....and goodbye

Jockey's Ridge...largest sand dune on the east coast
The view from our deck

She-crab bisque for black~friday fuel....

Outer banks serentity off-season

The Wright Memioral

Meandering canals through the community...

For a few days anyway! Headed to the Outer Banks for the Thanksgiving Holiday and I can't wait to get there; the drive is half the fun as we pass familiar landmarks. Can't wait for catching up with the family, food preparation, the MEAL, shopping and lunch @ Sam & Omie's on Black Friday, the Wright Memorial and Kitty Hawk Kites @ Jockey's Ridge, the beautiful sunsets (weather permitting) from my familys home. The one downer is that my husband will not be with us, but he will be protecting and serving the people at home and I will prepare him a Thanksgiving feast in a couple of weekends!

My wish is for everyone to have a wonderful holiday and I'll be back next week with pics ;-)

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