October 7, 2010

Fall Project Update ~ a work in progress.....

At least I got the color on the wall! With a baby, it's not so easy to redo a room like I used to. I had to send Hubby and the boys on a day trip just to cut in around all of the room openings & windows and then get a sitter to roll the walls! It was worth it....we love the dark, cozy feeling of the room. The rest of the house is so bright & airy that I could afford a cave-like room. I used Chestnut by Eddie Bauer from Lowe's. It makes the PB rug pop and once I can accessorize (when the baby turns 5, 6, 7...?!) it's going to look like I see it in my head. This weekend (10/10/10) is a huge 1st & 6th family Birthday Party for the boys, so I am going to at least try and hang some "interim" curtains to tie it together a bit more for the party.

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