July 9, 2010

Fall Project

I am relishing every moment of this beautiful summer (that we all in the northeast earned every moment of...) However, when I do think of Fall I think a new project is in order. Our "media" room (ok the large ugly recliner and flat screen tv room) needs a facelift. Primarily of the awfully bland ceiling and wall FLAT paint the previous homeowner, a housepainter, used in this room. What we do have going for us is the great hardwood floor, an 8x10 Pottery Barn Bridget rug in shades of porcelain blue, expresso and ivory and good windows (although window treatmeants are a whole notha' post!) There are also faux beams running the length of the room and I'm not sure whether to hide them or accentuate them....not a fan of the lodge/cabin look. OH...and every wall has an opening, there is not an "accent" wall, so we really can be adventurous! Any ideas? I am not opposed to color or prints, in fact I love them, I just don't want to compete with the rug.....it cost enough where I'd like to get a few years out of it before I start yearning for another.....

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