October 26, 2010

eerie edibles

photo courtesy of Women's Day

Hubby & I are going to a costume party on Friday (yay~date nite!) and I really want to bring something festive to the hostess. I got these 2 ideas from Women's Day mag and I think I'll give it a whirl. Dip in a Coffin & Bloodshot Deviled Eyeballs. My signature offering for EVERY house party, barbecue, etc., is spinach dip in the typical pumpernickel bread bowl, so I think I can pull this off. The trick will be finding a skeleton or other accessories between now and then. Maybe some gummie worms coming out of the coffin....or is that just too gross?! I love making deviled eggs, too, just gotta find and chop up Pimientos.

In addition, I just found an easy~peasy tip from another follower of Southern Living Mag on facebook....freeze water in rubber/latex gloves, peel off glove once frozen and use frozen hands around fruit or veggie platters. I guess you could even float them in punch, depending on how clean (?) the glove is and if it's not one of the powdered ones. I think I'll give the hostess a hand (or two!!!)

~~~If successful, photos to follow~~~

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