July 8, 2010

Brennan's Room

Brennan Dennis was born on October 20th, 2010, the most amazing day of my life. Prior to Brennan's birth, Hubby and I had a very stressful year of selling our old home (still miss it) and purchasing our new one (living with grandma, dealing with crooked mortgage brokers, etc...). We finally moved into our dream home on August 10, 2010. Lucky for me, Brennan's room was a mess and had to be rehabbed from scratch....yay~PROJECT!

God, how I wish I had taken before pics of the odd dark grey-paneled walls and turquoise carpet and funky ceiling fan built into the ceiling drywall..........BUT I didn't, so I can only hope the description will suffice!

I knew that Brennan's room was going to be Bungalow Gold from Eddie Bauer/Lowes, inspired by our Ocean Gate bedroom and my favorite color EVER. It's just got good karma....and I have since convinced my bff to paint her master with it....

Along with the giraffe pillows from Pier 1 which I thought were a steal (they weren't) and my beloved Country Curtains (Moire Plaid in Ginger), I hope I have created a room that will see Brennan through his formidable years....or until I move him and his brother in together to create an inspired guest room! Not for a little while anywhile ;)

Also have to give a large shout-out to My Baby's Crib in Howell, NJ, for providing a less chaotic place to plan and purchase Brennan's furniture and the super-comfy rocker. Last but not least......the rattan giraffe (CHEAP!!) from the most random of places, Bob's Discount Furniture in Woodbridge!

The bedroom photo from the Ocean Gate house was the color inspiration for Brennan's room and others!

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