October 8, 2014

The boys 5 + 10 {birthday party 2014}

This will probably be the last time we merge their birthday parties.  And, if that's the case, we hit it out of the park!

As far as the boys knew, they could invite a group of their closest friends from school and sports to come hang out at our house; eat, play, etc...  What they didn't know, is that the Game Truck was going to roll up about 45 minutes into the party and surprise everyone!

Judging by the faces, they had a HORRIBLE time...

We set up a tailgate tent in the front yard, complete with race day flags, referee runners, buckets of Twizzlers and penalty flag-draped lollipops.  Beach chairs, folding chairs, Cornhole, frisbee and a bounce house added to the tailgate experience.  We had coolers loaded with root beer, orange soda, lots of water and a drink dispenser with peach tea (and of course Red Solo Cups!).  The menu included the following:

Philly Pretzel Factory Rivets with Cheese and Chocolate dips
Chicken and Waffle Bites w/Maple Syrup
Mini Crescent-Wrapped Hot Dogs
White Castle Sliders hold everything except the Cheese
Popcorn, Chips, Veggie Straws

I also had a craft table for the few girls that were in attendance.  Sun catcher painting kits from Oriental Trading.  The craft table was slow at first, but the girls, and some moms, were getting creative after awhile...

The guys from Game Truck Princeton made the experience amazing for all in attendance.  We had boys and girls from 3-12ish and they found games for all of them.  

The living room pre-party...

and post-party...

Ref-themed gift bags were given to the children.  Again, Oriental Trading is vital when planning a party like this, I can't say enough.

I also set up a parents game day experience indoors, while the kids were playing the parents enjoyed the following:

Chili Bar with Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream and Hot Peppers
Deli Dip with Italian Bread
Mini Crescent-Wrapped Hot Dogs
Queso Dip and Chips
Hot Popcorn
Wine, Beer, Soda and Water
A Game on the TV and the smiles on their kids faces!

My photos are so sporadic, it was so hectic; I wish I got more.  What I won't forget is the look on the boys faces when the truck came and the elation that carried them through the following days.  I love my boys so much and nothing is so satisfying as providing them with a great time!

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Halloween home tour coming soon!

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