September 15, 2014

Inherited Brass Bed...To Paint or Not?

I'm back again...hope your summer was amazing!

I graciously received a brass bed from an old family friend this past week.  It's been in and about the family for generations really, and I am happy that I can rehab it for my boys.  The question is to restore or paint. Paint is so easy and will make it pop, but I don't know if I want to compromise the integrity of the piece itself.  It's quite old.  
Decisions, decisions.

Here's my inheritance (terrible pic).  I am not sure which child will be getting it yet, I am trying to switch rooms around and neither is cooperating.  Either way, this bed will grace a boys room, so it's needs to stay somewhat masculine, i.e. no pink, aqua, etc..

Oil-rubbed bronze is intriguing me too...kind of like meeting in the middle?

Here are some inspiration photos that I've been throwing around...

{If I still have any readers left, I'd love your opinions!)

Pottery Barn white version. Can't go wrong with white, ivory or cream.

Edie's beautiful girls room.  Love the Serena and Lily bedding (but again...boys)







{photos courtesy of Pinterest}

So there's my dilemna (old school spelling).  I will be sure to share the final results if + when I get it done...

I hope to be sharing more of our home/garden/kitchen on the blog.  I miss this blog that I consider a journal of sorts, to get my thoughts out there, sane or not!

Thanks for visiting!

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