July 7, 2011

Friends that Fish...

God bless them! On the Thursday before July 4th weekend, our friend Jeffrey not only came over to help hubby replace our pool filter, he brought us fresh caught Bluefin Tuna... Don't know why my pics are lopsided (thanks blogger)?!
So while the menfolk were doing men things, I just whipped up a quick marinade of brown sugar and soy sauce.

soaked for a bit, crusted fillets with fresh-cracked black pepper, a quick turn on the grill and voila...

Dinner. Or so I thought. Just as i took these off the grill, Brennan spiked a fever of 104* and off to the hospital we went. I don't take chances with fevers. So after a diagnosis of "something viral" and a broken fever, we returned home at 10:30pm with a soundly sleeping toddler.

Dinner was even tastier chilled, late-nite and on the couch!

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