August 22, 2013

Skull Scarves {Fashion Prep for Halloween}

{all photos courtesy of Pinterest}

A fun way to fashion yourself for Halloween!

Whether you are out trick-or-treating with the kids, at a haunted happy hour or hosting your own eerie soiree, why not do it in a fun + funky way?

Skull scarves are worth looking into this far out from Halloween.  From a high-end Alexander McQueen to a budget-friendly Target or Afflication Clothing version.  You can always check out eBay too.  I picked mine (SEE BELOW) up at a surf shop last year.  I received a ton of compliments on it last year.  I almost can’t wait for it to cool down here to start wearing it again….


You can also look into some gothic costume jewelry to complete your look.  One of my favorite reality TV personalities, Amy Bruni of Ghost Hunters, has her own line of paranormal jewelry.  You can find it at her online store here:

You can find skull scarves Herehere and here.

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