July 18, 2013

Summer Staycation 2013 {with video}

Our 2013 staycation started with a date night out with friends at the Wharfside Patio Bar in Pt. Pleasant, NJ.

Started off with a bang.  Thunderstorms rolled over the Jersey Shore (as you can see in this video).
Right after we finished dinner, a lightning bolt hit a sandbar in the channel...like 30 yards from our table. The whole place, huddled under a canopy,  jumped & screamed; that prompted my husband to spill his FULL pint glass of beer all over me and my Tory Burch's.  The sandals and I were fine. **Thanks to the sweet girl dining with her parents for the video**

A half hour later, the weather cleared and it was beautiful.

And the fishing boats headed back out in to the Atlantic.

Hubby & the boys gave themselves tattoos

A trip inland to a county fair.  Pleasantly surprised, we are normally boardwalk people.  But alas, our boardwalk rides are in the Atlantic...

Fried pickles, funnel cakes, gyros, blooming onions, cotton candy, deep-fried Oreos....I forgot how dangerous Carnival food can be!

We visited Chuck-E-Cheese (who knew they had a pretty nice salad bar?!) and two (2) trips to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Sunburn despite the little sunshine during our time off.  As a shift-working, seniority rules police officer, my husband has to select his days off in January.  We made the best of it.

Until this ^  Despite the red solo cups and balloon...this was not a party.  Broken pipe turned my fixture into a water feature.  Happy homeownership.

We spent one morning at Barnes & Noble where we all of us went on a shopping spree.  The boys each had $60 in gift cards to spend and they thoughtfully picked out their books.

Daddy & I started the Hunger Games Trilogy (yes, we are soooo behind the times).  The shopping & subsequent reading on a rainy afternoon was a nice respite while waiting on the plumber ^

Our next local stop was the Jersey Shore Pirates

A pirate adventure on local waters.  I cannot say enough about this organization and their employees.  

The captain, his mates and the pirates are young college kids.  They were funny, thoughtful, considerate and put on an amazing journey.

The kids got dressed up and painted, battled Pirate Pete, fired the water cannons, read a treasure map, found the lost treasure, and danced the pirate limbo on our way back to port.  If you are on or near the Central Jersey Shore, I highly recommend (Shelley, I'm talking to you!)

The rest of our time was spent lazing around the pool, indulging in food and treats not normally eaten on a daily basis, taking in a lot of barbecues and generally just enjoying each others company without daily tasks, chores and work 
getting in the way. Here's the little one jamming ;-) 

Onward to November...when its a trip to Disney and a family Thanksgiving on the Georgia Coast!

Hope everyone is enjoying Summer ~ Thanks for visiting!

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