June 28, 2013

My poor, neglected little blog

I swear I don't know where the time goes.  June has been a whirlwind of activities.

Never leave home without these ^^^^

Amazing Reggae at Union Landing

Father's Day weekend was spent at the annual an fishing tournament & festivities.  See more here for why we participate it.

Controlling kids on the fly bridge.

Still instagramming OOTD's, if only I could get rid of my mummy tummy & hips :-/

Cousins at the beach

The foreclosure across the street...eerie.  Jimmy the Ice Cream Man can always brighten a dreary day.  The rain and storms have been weird lately, it rains almost every evening.  Florida-esque.

I've been pinning some door inspiration.  Working on a redo of our side entrance, it's looking a bit...ghetto.  I will {hopefully} be posting before's & afters some time in July {bad blogger}

The Summer 2013 Picnic Pal.  Ketchup, relish, 2 kinds of mustard, hot sauce and malt vinegar. Ready at a moments notice

I've been lax in the cooking department as well.  Sticking to easy, weeknight fare.  I'm waiting with bated breath for the Jersey Tomatoes to come in.  At that point, all we will need is a loaf of Wonder bread and a jar of mayo.  

How's your summer?

Thanks for visiting!

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