February 26, 2013

Home Office Update {does the rug match the drapes?}

Crude...I know, I had to!  I'm still not done with the home office, but here is another shot with the 3 main inspirations with the room.

Walls ~ Sherwin Williams Gray Shingle 

Rug ~ Eastern Colors by Alliyah
Available at Overstock or Horchow

Pine Cone Hill Chambray Linen Panels in Flax

This is what the room looked like last month: Hutton Home Office

I love how the warmth in the rug and curtains play against the richness of the walls and the faux-leather futon.  The room just pops when you walk in there.  I have so much more to do, and in time it will be complete.

Here are some inspiration pins that I am working on....

Both wall pockets are from Ballard Designs, because doesn't most of your inspiration come from Ballard?!

I picked up a bronze-y multiple wall pocket at Burlington Coat Factory (go figure) for a 1/4 of the price of Ballard.  Once we have a temperate day, I plan to spray paint it black.

I am scouting out vintage maps on eBay to frame myself.  Looking for NYC; will take anything that's pretty and that I've been to...San Fran, Chicago, Philly.  You get it.  Urban. Sexy.  You know because homework and paying bills is sexy, but mama wanted a grown-up room.  Like the chosen few featured on Selling NY. {Do you not want to buy/rent & live in nyc for just a year of your life, we should all be so lucky}. Okay, I got off track.

After that....

Figure out lighting 
{I want a chandelier}

Get a laptop i.e. get rids of miles of cords & wires
{Our current PC is old & sounds like a freight train}

Perfect a homework station

...and after that, it will be Spring.  Time to start on the outside!

Thanks for visiting!!

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