July 9, 2012


Here we go...Thanks for your patience.
 Wall Color:  Caramel by Eddie Bauer at Lowes in a satin finish
 Vintage Botanical Prints: 50 cents each/Ebay and frame 6-pack from Michaels
 Fresh coat of white on the fireplace & most accessories were recycled
 Switched up some furniture placement.  Pictured above is my beloved Ballard Terrific Table with the Arden Green tablecloth
 $8 Birdcage plate from Pottery Barn
 My husbands late mothers family trunk.  I was so excited to get it down from one of the boys rooms.  Now it can be seen and appreciated by everyone daily...
 Back to the Arden Green fabric...I almost LOST MY MIND when I saw this ottoman at Tuesday Morning last week.  No really I was frozen in place outside of the store for quite a bit...It was CHEAP.  Let's just say that I could've gotten 3 ottomans for what Ballard charged for that table cloth 4 years ago.  It's a bit matchy, matchy (which I hate), but I couldn't help myself!  The chair is my baby rocker from Brennan's room...bittersweet, but if he can't sit still anymore, is that my problem?!  Mommy recycles ;-)
 My Pottery Barn Tanner Cube Table knock-offs from Overstock.com now flank the couch and I'm on the hunt for some sweet, substantial lamps to call them home.
Helllloooo oil-rubbed bronze spray-painted fireplace doors!! My favorite part. period.  Our fireplace is not in working order, so I did not use high heat paint.  We need a new firebox and stuff, we may even convert to gas, so this was a quick fix to get us into the 2010's!

I am inspired by most of my visitors here, so thanks to you and thanks for visiting!

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